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Relig Staffing, led by a specialized team, combines deep expertise and knowledge to fill your agency’s permanent, contract, and temporary job requisitions. We use market insights, data, and technology to assist you with urgent positions and long-term hiring.

Our RPO model reduces the complexity for our clients, bringing predictability to hiring. Blended with scalable and technical expertise, we strive to transform your operations by utilizing automation, domain knowledge and human judgment.

We have been delivering the right candidate to the right company since a decade ago, objectifying the specifications and qualifications to reduce the hassle of going through an end-to-end recruitment process. To increase speed and agility, our experienced team employs the strategic sourcing process.

We take pride in investing time to understand your business culture and establishing a compelling employee value proposition to attract rare talent to your organization based on our proven history of staffing and recruitment engagements.

Our Relig Staffing services include-

  • Direct/ Full-Time Hiring
  • Staff Augmentation


Why Relig

Let us serve you with the best of our practices.


We take a great sense of pride in providing a personalised staffing solution. For us, staffing is our religion.

 Cost-efficient Solutions

Cost-efficient Solutions

Our client’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, thus we offer a cost advantage with a minimum feasible consulting fee and a replacement guarantee.

 High Calibre Candidates

High Calibre Candidates

To serve our clients better, we conduct extensive reference checks and benchmarking tests. Duplicate candidate profiles are eliminated to ensure that only the most exceptional individuals are chosen from the crowd.