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RELIG is an abbreviation of the word Religion. For us, Work is Our Religion and we want our brand name to reflect the same.

Armed with a decade-plus experience, we help companies transform their Recruitment and Accounting functions into business opportunities. Our business model covers the entire horizon of offshore services intending to achieve scalability for our clients. Relig Global strives to address the most pressing obstacles of each client to achieve their unique goals.

We serve global clients through our multiple lines of business, from our offices in Ahmedabad and Vadodara in India and Delaware and New York in the United States.


Milestones at Relig


The journey began

Started in 2017 with an objective to build a collaborative business model and address the unique business challenges of each client, Relig strives each day to provide for business transformation.


Launch of the 1st Revenue Cycle

As years passed, we kept on improving & started to address business transformation in the areas of finance, accounting, and recruitment – operations. 


Relig family moving Onwards & Upwards

From a team size of 50-100-200, we kept on adding invaluable assets to our company. Our passionate team has been projecting stellar performance consistently which made it possible to establish our own space back in 2019


Birth of a new Division- Relig Solutions

 The collective aspirations & our thriving efforts finally blessed us with the successful launch of Relig Solutions, thereby helping us to further expand our horizons to explore and capture. 


Ticket to The United States

Through our dedicated team efforts, we even expanded our horizon to various international frontiers and started our operations through a physical presence in the US and different cities of India too. Today, Relig Global is an RPO-powered, finance and accounting outsourcing company that serves clients in New York, Delaware, Virginia, and India.


Conquering The UK & Canada

Equipped with the best in breed technologies and practicing  speed, agility and standardization to the recruitment & accounting solutions finally enabled us to go Multinational. This year we widened our reach to the United Kingdom and Canada, with a hope to reach many other countries in years to come.

Our Religion

We work together as one large, enthusiastic family, firmly following the philosophy of 'Work is Our Religion'. Supporting one another and advancing the internal team is a crucial aspect of our value system. We are firm believers in hiring, training, and retaining. All the efforts are directed at helping our clients boost scalability and serve the best to their customers. Today, we serve global clients through our multiple lines of business, from our offices in Ahmedabad and Vadodara in India and Delaware and New York in the United States.
Our Mission
Our Mission

To provide services that allow our clients to focus on more critical strategic activities of their businesses. We aim to make businesses more effective, efficient and automated to help them deliver the best to their customers through our finest practices.

 Our Vision
Our Vision

Our driving force is the creation of new jobs. Our goal is to be the leading catalyst in providing consistent employment possibilities in the United States and the United Kingdom while helping our people grow their careers. And for our clients, we want to be the bridge that scales their businesses.

Our Team

Let us introduce you to the backbone of Relig

Ankit Rathod
Ankit Rathod
Founder & CEO
Jwalant Patel
Jwalant Patel
Co-Founder & CFO
Juzar Motorwala
Juzar Motorwala
Co-Founder & Executive Director
Deepak Vitta
Deepak Vitta
Mobin Rangrej
Mobin Rangrej
Head of Legal & Compilance

Industries We Serve

We offer an entire spectrum of outsourcing services to a multitude of industries.

Our Achievements

Relig has been bestowed several accolades for productivity, leadership and operational excellence!

Let the numbers speak for themselves
10 M+